Our story

TBC is the basket currency of Ten Best Coins.
The price of TBC tracks the yield of Ten Best Coins in terms of market capitalization.
End users as well as large traders can now buy the Top 10 coins in one currency – TBC.

Mission Vision And Values

A World Where Everyone Uses Digital Money, Payments For Goods And Services Will Be Made By Digital Means And Not Through Physical Money. The Global Change In The Means Of Payment Will Bring With It Development And Momentum For The Technology Industry In General And Blockchain Technology In Particular. At The Same Time, Cryptocurrency Trading Will Continue To Evolve, And Traditional Capital Markets Will Also Adopt Currency Trading And Adapt Regulation.
The TBC Currency Will Be A Leading Currency In The Crypto Market, High Liquidity And High Trading Volumes

To Register And Issue 12.5 Million TBC Coins For Trading On Crypto Exchanges

To Be The Leading Currency In The Crypto Market While Emphasizing Technological And Digital Innovation, A Quality Human Team, And A Constant Pursuit Of Excellence

Caring And Daring
Caring Is Expressed In The Attention, Attention And Concern For Investors, Our Partners, Our Environment And The Community In Which We Operate. Dare Reflects Our Desire To Face Challenges And Difficulties And Seek Out New Ideas For Future Success. Caring Neutralizes The Risks Involved In Daring And Gives Us The Courage To Act With Power And Courage


Nir Gabay

“Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology”


Chief Technology Officer

Nir Gabay
B.A. in Business Administration and Accounting
Served as technical team commander in Unit 8200
Has been developing and managing software teams for many years
An avid entrepreneur and technology enthusiast

Yosi Sabag

“Crypto is going to change the financial world”


Chief Executive Officer

Yosi Sabag
B.A. in Business Administration
Former banker
Established and managed a hedge fund
20 years of experience in the capital market
Believes in the great potential of blockchain and crypto